Green Promise

Green Promise

When you buy an eco-friendly and ethically nurtured product from The Green AcreTM not only can you feel content for buying a world-quality product but feel proud for making a contribution to the lives less fortunate and in turn motivating them to help preserve the delicate balance of Mother Nature.

The founding family behind The Amit Group has long initiated many philanthropic projects in India. Various schools, hospitals, library, home for destitute women, etc. are operated by trusts set up by the family. The Green AcreTM, following in the same footsteps has been actively involved in setting up independent farmer groups dedicated to solving village & farmer specific problems ranging from education for girls to better healthcare. The Green AcreTM farmer in comparison to an average Indian farmer earns close to 20% more by way of premiums and savings.


My name is Posabhai Jhaverbhai and I am 55 years old. I am a farmer from Korda village in Gujarat state and have been so my entire life. My association with The Green AcreTM project of the Amit Group is 10 years old. My family includes my wife, four sons, their wives and four grandchildren.

Before I chose the organic way, life in Gujarat was difficult. Plagued with frequent droughts, a massive earthquake in the year 2000, unscrupulous seed and input suppliers, a line of middle-men between me and the gin and most of all a lack of knowledge about the market meant that I was at the mercy of anyone and everyone. I had no hand to grasp, no one to ask help from.

The Green AcreTM project opened up a whole new world to me that I never thought could exist for me! Firstly, being part of a larger collective, I found a new identity. I was no longer alone. I was trained for a host of skills both organic and otherwise. Better soil and water management, integrated cropping and most importantly using materials indigenous to my farm have changed our lives for the better.

Today, I am debt free and in complete control of my life. Not only do I save on costs but am also paid a premium for my produce. To top it all, I now have the tremendous satisfaction in knowing that my family and I are living in a cleaner, healthier environment!

All my grandchildren go to the local school operated by the Shah family trust and are very encouraged to make something of their future.

Clearly, The Green AcreTM has not only given the world but me & my family…. a second chance!


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